​NDC has warned MMT not to rent out buses to us – NPP

Metro Mass BusesFile photo: Metro Mass Transit (MMT) buses

The main opposition party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) says it has come across a communiqué from the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) instructing authorities of the Metro Mass Transit company not to render any of its services to the NPP from 4th December this year in the run up to the 7th December elections. 

This is to make sure the NPP does not have the opportunity to transport its members en bloc to any part of the country to go and vote for it because some of the party’s supporters have their votes in their home towns. 

According to the party’s Sunyani East Parliamentary candidate, Kwesi Ameyaw Cheremey, the move is an indication that the NDC knows it will lose the election hence it is doing everything possible to thwart efforts of the NPP from winning the election

Continuing, he repeated the allegation by the NPP deputy national general secretary, Nana Obiri Boahen that, locked funds of the defunct DKM is with President Mahama and his wife Lordina. He wondered why the government after saying it will liquidate all assets of DKM to re-pay customers did not sell a single property of the company yet it is paying part of the investment. This, he said, meant the money is with Mahama and his wife. He told the crowd if they need their full investment, then they should vote for Nana Addo to power to retrieve their monies for them. 

A popular comedian, Kofi Adu alias Agya Koo who jokingly said he will attend Kumasi Technical University when Nana Addo becomes president, seriously urged the people to vote for Nana Addo because Ghanaians are suffering. He said, though the country has so many natural resources like gold, diamond, iron, manganese among others, citizens are struggling to make ends meet. He asked the people to go to the polling stations in their numbers and vote for Nana Addo