​Party (NPP), Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo has submitted that his government will fight corruption aggressively to the barest minimum if given the nod as President.

He said he will provide Ghana with a leadership of conviction, one committed to fighting corruption and dedicated to the well fair and wellbeing of the Ghanaian.

According to him, he has never been corrupt in his long service to humanity in both government and in private life, a situation which will guide his wish to becoming a reality.

“I will fight corruption aggressively because I am not corrupt, I have never been corrupt and I will demand same from my members of my government”, he stated in his last address to the nation on Monday 5th December 2016.

Nana Addo, noted that many Ghanaians have seen and are appalled by the blatant depletion of state coffers by the very government officials who promised to make lives better.

He further noted that he knows that many Ghanaians are dissatisfied with the conditions of their lives but government ‘propagandists’ keep saying Ghanaians are living today in better times.

“I know that many of you are tired of failed promises and have lost trust in the leadership that you have been served but I urge you not to lose faith in the democratic system of governance which we fought so hard to establish”, he added, saying what is broken can be fixed under his government

“This coming election gives you the chance to get Ghana working again, we cannot afford four more years of this government”, the NPP flagbearer estimated.

He posited that what he has heard, seen and read indicates that Ghana needs to change how it does things and change the economy into a new one.

“A new economy which will help give our children good education, create jobs, provide good health care feed us adequately and give every Ghanaian an opportunity for a good life”, Nana professed.

His goal, he pointed out is to provide strong leadership and help build a prosperous society which creates opportunities for all its citizens, rewards creativity and enterprise, and brings about honesty and hard work.

“A society where there is discipline and fairness where people go about their lives in a free and responsible manner, where there is safety for the vulnerable and decent retirement for the elderly”, Nana disclosed.

The NPP flagbearer continued that, the society he intends to build will be an open one, protected by well-resourced and motivated security services where the rule of law works.

He said his government will stabilize the sinking cedi and boost business confidence and make investment in Ghana attractive for both local and foreign investors.

“We will empower the private sector to create wealth and grow the economy and we will help create jobs for the teaming youth in all parts of the country”, he promised, adding that “I have a competent team to implement policies, designed to improve the standard of living of our people, return the country to the path of progress and prosperity”.

For this to happen, he appealed to Ghanaians to make a decisive choice and give the NPP the mandate on Wednesday to change Ghana and use all the blessings God has bestowed on the nation to bring prosperity to our people and nation.

“Because we have a clear vision of where we want to take Ghana and a detailed road map on how to get there”, he stated.

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I shall fight corruption because I’m not corrupt- Akuffo Addo

Source: Paa Kwesi Agyefi/myradio360

Nana Addo