7 hard questions Nana Addo may want to ask Mahama?. 

Ghanaians have few hours to choose for themselves a president. In the span of these days, the two main political parties; main opposition NPP and incumbent NDC are pressing hard to get their campaign message across to voters.

But even as they do so, the flagbearers of both parties have already begun launching personality attacks at each other – a move typical of presidential candidates. In the midst of such political tension, find out the top questions Nana Addo will love to ask President John Mahama.

1. Will President Mahama be willing to step down should he lose the elections?

7 hard questions Nana Addo may want to ask Mahama

This tough question has been asked the president on countless occasions. Will Mahama really be willing to step down? If the president’s words are anything to go by, we should know by now that he has pledged to help make the 2016 elections peaceful.

2. How much debt will he, Nana Addo, be inheriting should the NDC lose?

7 hard questions Nana Addo may want to ask Mahama

The issue of Ghana’s actual public and external debt stock remains a mystery only known by the government. It is no wonder that every newly elected president  tells Ghanaians the true state of the economy immediately after taking office. Ghana’s total public debt stock estimates 105.1 billion cedis as at the end of May 2016, representing 66.4 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as against GHC104.5 billion at the end of April 2016, representing 66.3 percent of GDP. Could it be anything worse than this?

3. Is the NDC really stealing NPPs manifesto ideas?

7 hard questions Nana Addo may want to ask Mahama

Ahead of the December elections, both the NPP and NDC seem to be delaying the launch of their manifestos. The reason being that their political opponents could steal some ideas from their manifestos. But could this actually be the case of Mahama’s NDC?

4. Why can’t Woyome be jailed

7 hard questions Nana Addo may want to ask MahamaThe issues of judgement debts and financial loss to the state remain key in Ghana’s daily political debate. In fact, the name, Alfred Agbesi Woyome comes to mind whenever such debates are made! Woyome was currently acquitted of all charges with regards causing financial loss to the state – a development which has got the opposition party gnashing their teeth in anger.

5. Why the grey hair in just one term in office?

7 hard questions Nana Addo may want to ask Mahama

Hahaha! Mahama’s grey hair has become a topic of discussion for most political commentators. When asked what could have caused the sudden growth of grey hair, Mahama has always stated it is due to the pressure that comes with being president.

6. What killed Atta Mills?

7 hard questions Nana Addo may want to ask Mahama

Till date, the actual cause of late President Mills’s death remains a mystery to Ghanaians. Just recently did the Central regional chairman of the NDC, Allotey Jacobs, reveal that only close relatives and friends know what actually killed former president Mills. But could Mahama have any secrets regarding his death?

7. Are we really friends?

7 hard questions Nana Addo may want to ask Mahama

Never be fooled by the smiles and handshakes by politicians on television! They are mostly fake especially with regards these two fierce political rivals. But what if they are true friends, what if President Mahama calls Nana Addo every day to check up on him, Are they really friends?

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