I sit here lost in my thoughts, waiting for the dust to settle before I can comment on this barbaric act by fellow humans on another. Here we are at that crossroad again and I have loads of questions and cannot be answered. Ghana is indeed not worth doing anything for, let alone being killed for.

I won’t send any condolences to Capt. Mahama’s widow, his kids and the family. Coming from a stranger like me, it means nothing, will no nothing and what is not worth anything ought not be given or offered. Well, the harm has been done already and the usual “Justice will be served” mantra will be poured out and that will be it.

When I imagine Capt. Mahama’s kids ask their mum when next their dad is gonna come home? When that young mother of two sits and reflects upon the dreams they hoped and strive to see come to fruition, it saddens me.

How this man died will forever haunt us as a country and I can tell you without any fear that “We brought this upon ourselves”. I don’t have to wait for the Police to carry out any investigations into the incident because chances of them finding anything out is lost out on them already with their military interference excuses already.

Questions, questions and more questions, but i’ll ask just one.

*How on earth will a well trained military captain stationed in a community for 3 weeks not know his jogging route in broad daylight?

If indeed his platoon is their in connection.

​The Assembly man who orchestrated the mob action on captain Maxwell grabbed. A thorough search in his house revealed possession of ammunitions. I’m asking oo, what is one man doing with all these?